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TERRA Silicone Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, is an expert organization concentrated on the marketing and distribution of industrial and specialty chemicals. We are recognized as an innovator, manufacturer and pioneering supplier in Turkey. Professional expertise in silicone polymer and elastomer technologies, comprehensive technical support for products and applications, and profound market know-ledge differentiate TERRA on the chemical market. We offer the most comprehensive selection of silanes, siloxanes and silicones. We are considered as an ambitious partner by our customers, our extensive range is based on proven solutions which consider industry specific needs. Our teams are committed to being a leader in the silicone materials marketplace, serving advanced technology markets through a customer-driven approach. We encourage close relationships with our customers to develop application specific solutions to meet the end-user's specifications for performance and purity. Our technical staff includes individuals with extensive hands-on experience and academic credentials. Joint developments between our customers and our staffs have led to an increased product offering and extensive range which consists of several thousands materials including silicone polymers, silicone fluids and emulsions, antifoams and defoamers, silicone rubbers, additives and colorants for silicone rubbers and sealants, silicone resins and intermediates, silanes and siloxanes, primers, adhesives and bonding agents, release agents and lubricants, polish emulsions, wetting agents, water repellents, catalysts, functional fillers, dispersions, and other complementary additives and processing aids.

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