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ISIDEM was established in 1998 as a manufacturer of rectangular and circular air ducts in order to serve the needs of HVAC sector. Due to the efficient manufacturing techniques and sales and marketing systems the company grew rapidly since its establishment. By utilizing the experience gained from the duct manufacturing ISIDEM started to produce flexible air ducts and accessories in 2010. By combining the latest available production technology ISIDEM currently owns one of the largest manufacturing capacity for flexible ducting in the world As the next step of the continuous investments ISIDEM initiated the production of Elastomeric Rubber Foam for mechanical installations, pipes, plumbing, HVAC, marine and industrial insulation purposes. With the completion of the ongoing investments ISIDEM will be the largest manufacturer of Elastomeric Rubber Foam in Turkey and MENA region. Exporting its products to over 30 countries in the World, ISIDEM’s manufacturing plant located in Eskisehir is spreading about 60,000 m² land with 20,000 m² closed area. This plant is also exceptional as it has the first LEED Certified Building among the plants in its sector and in Eskisehir. ISIDEM implements the global management systems such as TS EN ISO 9001:2008. The products of ISIDEM are proven quality by various international certification organizations like TSE, CE, CSTB, LAPI, EUCEP, GOST, TUV and UKRESBO. ISIDEM will keep its way of producing and offering quality, environmental friendly and latest technology solutions in order to serve the demands of the stakeholders in Turkey and in the world.

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