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Since 1983, Seçil Kauçuk continue our journey to excellence to produce quality. In this journey operating in our production plants established in Turkey and Belarus, currently we are a global company manufacturing and selling products and services to over 40 countries in the sectors of white goods, automotive, construction and infrastructure. Having believed that had two significant factors to develop the technology which are investing in person and investing in quality; Seçil Kauçuk proceeds in the vision of having branches and distributorships in many countries, and becoming a leader company designing and producing technological products with the quality certificates valid nationally and internationally. Having one of the most developed R & D laboratories of the sector, Seçil Kauçuk Research and Development plants were approved as an R & D Center by the ministry in 2017. The fact that the brand “Seçil” represents our country in the international arena as a Turkish brand producing quality product and service is the greatest source of pride for us. In this direction, we continue our journey of quality by focusing on development and growth. In this context, Seçil Kauçuk has various product certificates such as Ford Q1, IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001.

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